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Peter Crowther
11 Bridge Street
OX28 1BY

Tel: 01993 709596

or  07889 832442



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Yamaha Silent 'cellos


As a  Piano Technician specializing in the servicing, rebuilding, and tuning  of fine pianos, and with over 20 years experience, you can be assured of the highest levels of craftsmanship. My work as a technician includes all aspects of piano servicing, from as little as tuning and check-over, to a full restoration.

In a typical restoration I will do all of the following:

  • Restore the soundboard

  • Restring and re-pin the frame

  • Restore/rebuild the action/keyboard/damper assembly

  • Strip down and hand re-polish the cabinet to reveal the natural wood grain

  • Raise to pitch and stretch strings, fine tune to A-440

  • Extensively regulate the touch and damping

  • Overhaul the pedal assembly


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